Pavel Foster
If you looking for juicy chicken sandwiches this is the spot! I ordered a chicken sandwich with coleslaw, it was juicy and bigger than I expected! They also have a spicy option but be aware it is SPICY!
Tina Raasveld
Great local chicken place. My husband likes spice and the spicy chicken is spot on. Fries ,bread and coleslaw spot on. We’ll be back. Military discount too!
David Cordon
Fist time in this place, the best chicken sandwich I have tried. Good size, price and looks clean. Definitely going back!!!
Jesse Borisoff
I ate here for the first time and I really enjoyed it. It appears to be a new, locally owned spot created by a chef with some very creative menu ideas. The prices are reasonable, especially if you factor in the high quality ingredients and how everything is prepared fresh and made to order. We had the Fire Bun and the Buffalo Bun (secret menu item the chef recommended). Both were excellent. I'll definitely be back soon to try some of the others because I have a feeling everything here is going to be consistently good!
Game with Stacks
My wife and I had lunch here today and it was amazing! I had the fire bun and she had the 8pc hot wings. They were both delicious and we will be back to try some more 😁😁
carmen mcgowan
10 stars and i never say that in any review ever!!! WOW!!! this place is awesome. Staff was super helpful in explaining menu and accommodating all my eating needs. The WINGS!!!! Better then any wing stop place ever!!!! Plump real chicken not frozen dead chewy stuff. THIE WINGS R THE SHIZNIT. thanks to the awesome staff i would be a regular. Keep up the great job. Staff deserves a raise :)
William Neal
Just opened. One of the best places in Vegas for chicken. It's my go to now. And it's super local. Very friendly and food to die for. Highly recommend!